Width: 32cms (12.5inches)
Height: 46.5cms (18.25 inches)

Ref: Paintings 39

A hand-coloured print portraying a classically eccentric English dandy. On the back, which has been folded into a letter, is written ‘My dear Campbell, I send you earliest information that I can get for your inspiration. I own opera tickets which you can make as late use you please of. Sincerely yours J H Standish, Clarendon this day’. Another note gives the recipient as Walter Campbell esq, Claremont Hotel, Bond Street. To the front it is inscribed ‘A Dandy of 1819’ or, as a pun on the name Standish, ‘ Or a Standing Dish of the Ton’. It was published June 19th 1819 by S W Fores No.50 Piccadilly London. English, 1819. Price: £750.00