Depth: 6cm (2.25 inches)
Width: 25.5cm (10.25 inches)
Height: 50cm (20 inches)

Ref: DG 14

A beautifully painted pair of bellows, inscribed “Drawing Room”, crested with a stag’s head and with painted stringing around the edge. On the back is a monogrammed B, also with stringing around the edge. The ground paint is black while the writing and stringing are a rich honey colour with the stag’s head highlighted in black, white and blue. The valve opening is a turned roundel and it is all held together with the original leather. Many families have a stag’s head crest, Frasers, Keiths, Hunts, to name a few. Drawings room were where families traditionally withdrew to enjoy the company of their guests in private. English, circa 1785.