Depth: 39cms (15.5 inches)
Width: 77.5cms (30.5 inches)
Height: 81cms (32 inches)

Ref: Furniture 21

With the original green paint this rare survival has a drawer at the bottom, a lift up lid revealing a useful storage compartment and a sifting mechanism in the middle. East Anglian, circa 1840.

In the late Alan Johnson’s book entitled ‘Household and Country Crafts’ the flour boulter, once an adjunct to the farmhouse kitchen, was made to refine meal received from the mill. The meal was emptied into the top, the lid closed and a cranked handle revolved. The brush set is on an inclined plane over a fine sieve. The middlings came out of the side while the flour fell into a drawer at the base. According to an accompanying letter, this piece belonged to Jo Howlet, Pulham, Norfolk. February 18th 1859.