Lion Tavern Sign

/Lion Tavern Sign

A splendid cast iron model of a proud lion fully broadside with a magnificent mane and swishing tail. There are traces of the original gilt on top of the original yellow ground. He retains threaded mountings on the back and would probably have been on a tavern door. English, circa 1820.


Width: 35cms (13.75 inches)
Height: 26cms (10.5 inches)

Ref: DG03


Depth: 6.5cm (2.5 inches)
Width: 51cm (20 inches)
Height: 53cm (20.75 inches)

Ref: DG5

A bold carving of a lion in a floral cartouche with a wonderful face and mane. Beautifully executed by an artisan carver, the deep carving has traces of the original paint and it was probably an over-door on the entrance to a Tavern. English, circa 1790.