A beautiful 17th century birds-eye, hand coloured print of Magdalene College, Cambridge, by David Loggan. The college was founded in 1428 as a Benedictine hostel, in time coming to be known as Buckingham College before being refounded in 1542 as the College of St Mary Magdalene. Thomas Audley, Lord Chancellor under Henry VIII, was responsible for the refoundation of the college and also established its motto—garde ta foy (“keep your faith”) and whose arms it also bears – see the top right hand corner of the print. Logan has skilfully managed to capture life at the college, with dons walking about, deliveries by boat as well as an index of what the various buildings are.David Loggan (1634–1692) was an English baroque engraver, draughtsman and painter. From 1676 he was involved in preparing the new folio Cantabrigia illustrata, which was eventually published in 1690. In that year he was made engraver to Cambridge University. English, circa 1690.

Provenance: Dr.R.M.Bradfield Collection.

Width: 48cms (19 inches)
Height: 45cms (17.25 inches)

Price: £650

Ref: DG28