Oak tripod table, the top is inlaid with a copper engraved plaque which reads: keel and copper of the Royal George sunk 1782 recovered 1839. This ship was launched in 1756 and was at the time the largest ship in the world. She served the Royal Navy well, appearing at various engagements and being the flag ship of many admirals. While work was being done on her hull in Spithead the guns on her starboard side were moved to midships to allow her to heel over to port. At the same time a delivery of rum was taking place on the port side which made the ship unstable and water came in through the portside gun ports. She heeled over onto the delivery barge, the hull filled with water and she sank.In the 1850s, timber from the ship was used to make the billiard table, still in use today, for the North Wing of Burghley House. The top for this table is made from timber from the Royal George while the plaque is from the copper on the hull. It is now mounted on an early 19th century tripod base.


Diameter: 29.5cms (11.75 inches)
Height: 66.5cm (26.25inches)

Ref: DG28