A beautiful, rare, 17th century walnut joined child’s stool. It has cotton reel and baluster turning with peg and tenon construction with the original pegs. The single plank moulded top is through pegged to the frieze rails, again retaining the original pegs. The top corners of the legs are shallow location tenoned into the underside of the top. There are traces of tack marks to the underside of the top’s edge where, at some point during its over 300 year history, a piece of fabric, perhaps with some cushioning was, for a period, put in place. It has its original colour and surface. This collector’s piece is a rare survival, particularly in walnut. English, circa 1680.

Ref: Victor Chinnery ‘Oak Furniture the British Tradition’ publ. Antique Collectors’ Club p.406 for similar.


Depth: 31cms (12 inches)
Width: 31cms (12 inches)
Height: 35cms (13.75 inches)