A rare 13th century Limoges bronze Corpus which would originally have been gilded and with the indents picked out in enamel. Enamel was the only means of applying permanent colour to metal at that time. The enamel industry of Limoges, in South Western France, dominated the European market in the 12th and 13th centuries producing altar vessels, book covers, gabled shrines and Crucifixes in large quantities. Scroll through the photos to see two from this period now in the Ard Museum, Dublin which are very similar to this one, particularly the face, breast line and rib markings. In an early 17th century French poplar carved frame.Limoges, France circa 1250.

Provenance: Dr.R.M.Bradfield Collection.

Width (including frame): 32cms (12.5 inches)
Height: 42cms (16.5 inches)

Price: £3500

Ref: DG31