A mixed media gouache and watercolour on paper of the windmill at Kvarmen in Sweden by Sir Frank Brangwyn 1867-1956. He was a prolific artist in a number of media including  stained glass, buildings and interiors, windmills being a frequently used subject. During his lifetime he produced over 660 mixed media works (watercolour and gouache) of which this is one. Whilst his early work was bright and flamboyant his later work became flatter and less flamboyant. His early work was signed with his full name, whilst his later pieces simply had hastily written initials, usually without the downstroke to the B, as is the case with this piece. This is probably one of his mid to later works. English, circa 1925.

Provenance: Dr.R.M.Bradfield Collection.

Width (including frame): 56cms (22 inches)
Height (including frame): 62cms (24.5 inches)

Price: £3500

Ref: DG30