A 15th century wood cut of David playing his harp while the Holy Spirit looks on. Set in a Mediaeval landscape, with 15th century costume and with a delightful domestic detail of dogs playing. Typical of the early 1480s, the image has broad contours outlining the figures and parallel lines modeling their forms. The spare background and the lack of decoration is typical of German woodcuts of this period. In addition to thick contours and parallel lines, the cutter uses hooked and looped lines to accentuate the garments and to suggest a physical presence beneath the folds. Using color wash to highlight parts of an image was a common practice north of the Alps, particularly to delineate foreground or background or add an ornamental touch that the woodcutter was not able to accomplish with his knife. Printed on pulped linen paper. German, circa 1480.

Width: 32cms (12.25 inches)
Height: 25.5cms (10 inches)

Price: £750