A powerful ancient stone head with lentoid eyes and an elongated nose, not dis-similar to the one on Boa Island in Ireland. Celts believed the head to be the seat of the soul and symbolic of power and Divinity and this type of stone head is characteristic of the Celtic Brigants Nation in the North of England who built a large hill fort at Stanwick, which means stone walls, near Scotch Corner in North Yorkshire. It was the largest Celtic Iron Age encampment in the North of England, 700 acres in all, and was built in the First Century and later destroyed by the Romans. These heads were often re-used in the building of churches, bridges and such like.  They are notoriously hard to date, this on is possibly First Century.

Depth: 17.5cms (7 inches)

Width: 30.5cms (12 inches)
Height: 35.5cms (14 inches)

Ref: DG04